Another Saturday night…

…with my friends Cat Stevens and Sam Cooke. It has been a lazy Saturday for me. So lazy that I finally got around to starting up a blog, something that every single other person in the world crossed off their ‘to do’ list years ago. But what better way to spend a Saturday night than wrapped up in a blanket, eating everything in sight and watching Indiana Jones? Very in-keeping with a day in which the most exciting event has been posting a parcel.

I’ve got a few things to update you on in the coming weeks but for the moment I’ll keep my first post short and sweet and finish with something that you’ll soon come to realise I absolutely love: posting photos of my food.

Sadly not pictured are my breakfast and dessert as I got too excited about eating them to stop and take a photo but today’s menu goes as follows (theme: nothing to do but read and clean)

Breakfast: Porridge with raisins and brown sugar
Lunch: Chicken tacos with pineapple and tomatillo salsa
Tea: Pork larb
Dessert: Spicy hot chocolate with stewed rhubarb and raspberry
Rating: I just ate and I’m STILL HUNGRY!

PS also included for your viewing pleasure, a shot of my snack the other day: Pimientos de Padron (or ‘russian roulette’ peppers) and Achacha. The one awesome thing about Melbourne: so much new food to discover!


2 thoughts on “Another Saturday night…

  1. Zo Zhou says:

    What do you mean the ONE awesome thing about Melbourne?!

    Oh, and I recently discovered I don’t hate pineapple that much after all in salsa. Even though it had coriander in it!

    Look forward to following 🙂

    • True, there are many awesome things about Melbourne, most of them food related. The ‘h’ word should never be used about pineapple! Especially when it comes to hummingbird cake and salsa 🙂

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