A picnic with strangers

I couldn’t sleep this morning and so was up looking for something to do at 8.30am on a Saturday. Something which was both incredibly strange and extremely pointless. Incredibly strange because it was 8.30am on a SATURDAY and extremely pointless because noone is up to anything at 8.30am on a Saturday.

That is until I saw this: https://www.facebook.com/events/398797253470053/

A chance to bake for, and hang out with, strangers? Sounds great right?!

Well I think so, so an hour later a banana cake with chocolate ganache icing was jammed into a tupperware container and I was on my bike.Image

The next 4 hours were spent eating and lying in the sun with my new friends Anna and Jessie on a spotless Melbourne day. Their chai chocolate and pear cake won an award (good job ladies), mine won nothing, potentially due a giant oversight or simply a vote calculation error…? 😉Image

Now I am watching the Lion King and making pompoms. Raging Saturday night!

PS I believe the word ‘spotless’ should be used to describe amazing days more often.

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