The post in which I admit to being incredibly irresponsible with money: Brunch and tacos on a budget

It’s been an exciting few days!

Well, actually no not particularly. But being bored has given me the motivation to finish reading my book (you’ll no longer see it lurking in the corner of food photos) and the chance to eat A LOT. However since payday still looms on the (decreasingly distant) horizon, the weekend has again been a case of ‘yummy on a budget’. And that looks set to continue since I chose to buy fusbol pants from the Salvation Army with majority of the last of my money and now have $5 to last me till Thursday. Now this might seem like the stupidest thing you’ve ever heard (because it is), and I’m not normally the type to prioritise new clothes over life’s essentials but I like a little risk, have a stack of frozen ingredients, thought this would force me to be inventive, and most importantly am so comfortable in my new pants!

Before I spent my remaining money on trousers that would make MC Hammer envious, I did pretty well for food on Sunday without breaking the bank.

Sunday brunch on the cheap


Asparagus: $1
Tomatoes: $40c
Mushrooms: $1
Egg: $60c
Juice: $2
Tea: I don’t know, 20c, who ever thinks about how much a cup of tea costs?!
Total: $5 (ish)

Sunday dinner on the cheap


Chicken: $5
Lime: 30c
Tomato: 30c
Tortillas: $1
Salsa (red onion, garlic, pineapple, tomatillos, green chilli, coriander): $2
Beer: $5
Total (for 2 people): $14 (ish)


They seemed to be well received.

While a stricter budget can definitely be followed, I was pretty happy with the weekend’s menu based on the amount of money spent.

PS Just a thank you to the nurse who gave me the tetanus shot because a rusty piece of metal flew off the photo frame I was jazzing up today and gouged a cut in the very centre of my forehead. I think I’m cursed.

PPS Yes I said ‘jazzing’.

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