You heard it hair here first!

The big chop has occurred and the Leukaemia Foundation is $1200 up.

Today I woke up at 7 and was too nervous and excited to go back to sleep so off I biked to our favourite local cafe (the ‘our’ in this situation is the little family within my flat) for breakfast/to celebrate having the money to go to a cafe, where I ate an early breakfast served by a very friendly man and caught up on the latest in NZ news magazines (thanks dad!)

Then it was off to the market to meet the person who would put my hair into 80s style pigtails and then cut it all off.

The person brave enough to take on the task of taming my notoriously stubborn hair is named Ero and he is pretty awesome. Also from Christchurch (what are the chances?), Ero trained at Servilles in Auckland and now cuts hair for $30 down at the local market because he enjoys it more than working in flash salons. I didn’t know about Ero’s fancy hairdressing pedigree when I decided he was going to be the one to cut my hair, all I knew was that he only charged $30. When I told him my plans and he told me not to chicken out, I was sure. Today, Ero and I had a good chat for an hour or so while the hair was very successfully tamed and then we parted ways. He forgot that he said he’d do my hair free but since it is only $30 and he’s from Christchurch I think its ok to let that one slide.

See below for a bit of a photo essay of my day






Honestly the scariest part of the whole day was measuring my hair, I was convinced it wasn’t going to be long enough. Somehow it made it to 38cm from a measurement of just under 30cm a month ago!! I hope I measured wrong initially or else Ero will become my new best friend, the amount of haircuts I’ll have to get.

Anyway, hope you enjoyed this post as much as I enjoyed my St Patrick’s Day

The donation link below will be active till 30th March


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