Monday night meals: Steak and strawberries

Experimentation. Sometimes it can lead to revelations, such as peanut butter and jam, sometimes it can lead to all kinds of hell. I’m glad tonight was the former, as I was too hungry to stand for the tuna and rice that failure would bring. It was a dire state in the fridge tonight so I turned to the freezer and the pantry for dinner and used whatever I could put my hands on that I thought would taste alright. The only base for my plans was a kangaroo marinade I bought from the most incredible spice shop yesterday and haven’t been able to stop thinking about since. I was in Australia for over 2 months before I found out that not only do people eat kangaroo but you can buy it in the supermarket. So tonight the novelty roo came out of the freezer to become a novelty no more. I managed to hunt down 2 potatoes, a handful of cherry tomatoes, 2 mushrooms and 2 cloves of garlic and suddenly I had enough for a meal.

Although when arriving home from work late and hungry tuna and rice did sound like a good plan, I’m glad I resisted the temptation to do something easy and spent a bit of extra time on making a proper meal.


What you see (blurrily) above is roasted cherry tomatoes and mushrooms with mashed potato (potato+butter+milk+parmesan+roast garlic+roast onion+chilli) alongside kangaroo and strawberries. I bet you were wondering where the experimentation part came in. Why strawberries? Because I wasn’t joking when I said I put anything into the meal that I could put my hands on. Were they good? I’ve never cooked kangaroo before but after tonight I think i’ll find it hard to cook it again without some strawberries joining it on the plate.

Oh and also that is not pepper on the potatoes it’s black lava sea salt. Damn you awesome spice shop! It won’t be long till I’m down to $5 a week for food again if I keep hanging around that place (for the record I spent that $5 on getting my finger bandaged up and then made it from Sunday-Saturday without spending any money on anything but bandaging my finger, which is healing tremendously well)

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2 thoughts on “Monday night meals: Steak and strawberries

  1. Zo Zhou says:

    Mhmm, that potato sounds amazin! And yeah, I still can’t get my head around the fact that kangaroo is eaten. Is it kinda like venison?

  2. It is very gamey, but also very delicious (if cooked right) and super cheap. It is also a sustainable choice as roos aren’t farmed, they don’t emit anywhere close to the same amount of dangerous gasses that farmed livestock do and the roo population is actually increasing even though they are hunted for meat. So, generally a good choice for those concerned about animal welfare and sustainability issues pertaining to water conservation, two categories under which I place myself.

    Click to access

    PS I do not work for the kangaroo meat industry, just find it interesting. Really.

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