The promised post on tacos and beer has finally arrived! A bit late, but it’s the thought that counts. And my thoughts are with you, dear readers. All I can think about is you sitting on the edges of your seats for over a week now, waiting for this post.

The story that follows is the result of two beautiful factors coming together to make a great night, even despite the aforementioned devil headache.

Factor One: I cannot seem to make it through the week without eating mexican food. Usually tacos. Usually homemade. A combination of the constant craving I feel for mexican food and the ease and convenience of making tacos for tea usually prevents me from going more than 7 days without buying tortillas, coriander and pineapple from the supermarket.

Factor Two: My favourite band (and people) were in town for a few days only, playing a couple of epic shows, and it seemed fitting to throw them a big dinner party. Not your typical dinner party, however, more the ‘sit on the floor because we only have 4 chairs’ dinner party.

Result: My kitchen/lounge/anywhere there was space became a working area for an army of minions preparing a mexican meal of epic proportions. There was a kilo of rice with cumin seeds. There were two types of salsa. I heated over 36 (or maybe 36 exactly) tortillas in the oven. A massive case of beer was purchased (and possibly drunk) and I even opened up a bottle of fancy champagne that has been sitting around the house since I won an award at work for donating my hair.

It was a great night, proving that you don’t have to go out to a restaurant to have a great meal if you are with people that you love. And, most importantly, I didn’t have to do the dishes.

I will try to get Floz’s salsa recipe on here for you, in fact she should do a guest post or two considering she is an amazing cook. For the moment my pineapple salsa recipe will have to do. I know it seems a bit weird but it always gets the seal of approval. Comments usually go along the lines of ‘I thought this would be gross but I actually really like it (including surprised face)!”

I should start with the disclaimer that I use recipes for everything. EVERYTHING. Apart from this, which I always just invent with whatever is in the fridge that seems appropriate. So, just go for it.

1/2 pineapple
handful coriander/mint or both
1/2 red onion
1 lime
1 green chilli
1 tomato

*chop all ingredients but the lime and mix together to taste (especially the chilli!), cut the lime in half and squeeze juice into bowl
*mix together and leave for a few minutes so the lime juice takes the sting out of the onion and you’re good to go

A serious benefit to making this salsa is that you’ll have half a pineapple left to make the desserts I posted the other day.

If you’re curious who my favourite band is:



Mexican food and great music: pineapple salsa


One thought on “Mexican food and great music: pineapple salsa

  1. A lovely night -xox

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