Snuggling under a blanket alone: Lavender hot chocolate

Tonight was the first night I have come straight home from work by myself and spent the night hanging out with myself in close to two months. I quite like to be alone once in a while, and two months is a long time so I celebrated by stealing lavender from my neighbours and working it into a tried and true recipe.

Lavender hot chocolate
1 mug of milk (use the one you’re drinking out of to measure)
1 Tbsp cocoa (try to use decent stuff) or to taste
1/2 Tbsp brown sugar (or if you like it sweeter match one for one)
2 sprigs lavender

heat the milk and lavender over a low heat
once warm add the cocoa and sugar
whisk till hot, but don’t let it boil

I don’t like floral tasting things very much but this was good, too good to stop and take a photo of. It has also been a great night, I suggest you take yourself on a date more often if this is something you don’t do enough.

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